I’m even a bit sorry for him. Believing that Celestia will let me out… Why in the world would she do that? To send me to Fluttershy for re-education? That’s ridiculous! Although I think that I’ve seen something like that before…

Since when has Collective Unconscious become an orphanage? No, seriously, I can’t even read a comic for a five minutes without being interrupted by some importunate child! That’s my colored pictures and I’m not going to share so easily! They have to wait, like the rest.

And ponies and the chicken lived happily ever after… Of course 7 episodes later I broke free to return my chicken, but these ponies just don’t want to share!

To be honest, Loki isn’t such a loser. I would even say that he is the best Goat of Chaos I’ve ever met.

Don’t let their arguing trick you, those two greenies are just made for each other!