By the way, you probably want to know the secret of “turning into an orange spell”. The reason, why Twilight failed so miserably, besides her poor magical skills. Well, you can’t turn apple into orange. What was born to be trolled never gonna troll.

Of course I understand that it is Collective Unconscious and stuff, but who’s bright idea it was to print the only amusing piece of literature here on a talking paper? It doesn’t even read itself, just makes some random remarks from time to time. What a waste.

Poor leg didn’t even finish his joke. He could have an awesome career in comedy!

To the Leg’s disappointment not a single buck was given that day.

Even monks got hot after I’ve showed them this trick. And by hot I mean 1000 degrees hotter, than you can handle, Pinkie!

Check out new spring/summer collection here (on deviantArt without that parchment layer)!

Limited edition!

They’re left leg and the right, they’re left leg and the right.
They run so very fast that break the speed of light!
Right leg is dumb as hell, but left is doing well.
Together they can conquer all the world-old-old-old.

Right, right, right, right leg!