But we will start from where I left. Because of reasons!

I just did like this guy. Tried really hard to be a real villain. But Discord doesn’t care! What’s wrong with this draconequus?

I’m even a bit sorry for him. Believing that Celestia will let me out… Why in the world would she do that? To send me to Fluttershy for re-education? That’s ridiculous! Although I think that I’ve seen something like that before…

So you think I’m bad? Oh, you are wrong. I’m Bad with the capital “B”! And I’ll show you all some Bad Spike! Don’t bother preparing for my return. Because you won’t be prepared!

You know, this door feels strangely familiar. Like… home?

By the way, you probably want to know the secret of “turning into an orange spell”. The reason, why Twilight failed so miserably, besides her poor magical skills. Well, you can’t turn apple into orange. What was born to be trolled never gonna troll.

Mmmm… Nightmares… With lemon taste… No-no, don’t run… Stupid ponies… Crown… Equestria… Milk… No… My Equestria… Tia, go away… I’ll tell mom… Go away… Won’t give… Mom!..

Since when has Collective Unconscious become an orphanage? No, seriously, I can’t even read a comic for a five minutes without being interrupted by some importunate child! That’s my colored pictures and I’m not going to share so easily! They have to wait, like the rest.

Allright, so, let’s start to read! Page zero, page zero, hey! Where is page zero? I see the first page, then the second one, then… Wait, what’s that number? Ehmm, it seems that this whole “reading thing” is going to take a bit more time than I’ve expected. Don’t worry - I’ll read it aloud after figuring out the right order of pages. You may also continue to send me your questions, though I’ll probably answer them less frequently. That’s because every time I open my mailbox there is a chance that I accidentally delete all the questions once again. Anything can happen!